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Barbeque Pet Safety
May 1, 2023

Summer is almost here! For those grill meisters out there, that means lots of delicious food is on the agenda. Man’s Best Friend is also very fond of grilling, and will be more than happy to sample your new burger or brisket recipe. However, you’ll need to take some precautions when bringing Fido to a barbeque. A local Vinton, VA vet offers some safety tips on this below.


It’s probably safe to say that your furry pal will be very interested when those platters of meat start coming off the grill. It’s fine to give your canine pal a treat, but you’ll need to be careful what you offer. Many of the things that are popular at barbeques are toxic to dogs. That list includes avocado, whether whole or as guacamole; garlic and onions; grapes and raisins; alcohol; meat on the bone; alcohol; raw meat, dough, or yeast; pitted fruits; and chocolate. Err on the side of caution, and keep Fido’s menu to plain, boneless meat, fish, or chicken. 


Your four-legged friend is wearing a fur coat, and can overheat very quickly. Make sure your pup always has plenty of fresh water. He should also have access to shaded areas and/or rooms with climate control. If it’s hot out, offer your furry friend a kiddie pool or cooling pad, or hang a wet bandana around his neck. (Fido probably won’t mind a frozen treat, such as a broth cube, either.) 


Dogs love to stay close to their humans. That loyalty is one of Fido’s best traits! However, it can backfire at times. You don’t want your pooch getting too close to the grill or getting his tail caught in a door!


Our canine companions are definitely not shy about sorting through the trash in search of leftovers. This can be extremely dangerous. The trash could contain all sorts of hazards, such as bones, skewers, tin foil, plastic wrap, plastic trimmings, can lids … the list goes on. Use lidded cans, or ones that are too tall for your pup to get into.


You’ll also want to be careful with things like lighter fluid, bug spray, torch oil, and other chemicals. As the saying goes, better to be safe than sorry!

As your local  Vinton, VA veterinary clinic, we are dedicated to offering great care. Please feel free to contact us anytime. 

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