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Want to know how you can help your pet enjoy a truly amazing life?

As pet parents, we want our animal companions to live as long as possible. At Southern Hills Animal Hospital, we believe the best way to accomplish this is by making a commitment to ongoing wellness care. 

Regular wellness exams allow the veterinarian to evaluate your pet’s general health and become aware of any health problems before they become serious illnesses. Since your pet cannot vocalize his feelings, you must rely on regular physical examinations by a veterinarian and your at-home observations to assess your pet’s health. Often the emphasis on wellness exams is overshadowed by talk of vaccines. Although vaccines are important, the comprehensive physical exam and the ability to discuss your pet’s care are the emphasis of┬áthe Southern Hills Veterinarian. We focus our exams on the entire pet including the physical exam, weight and nutritional assessment, behavior and emotional development. The veterinarian may also suggest diagnostic tests, including blood tests and/or x-rays, to evaluate your pet’s internal health.

Once the comprehensive evaluation is made, we can better prepare a lifestyle and health plan aimed at providing your pet with everything they need to be happy and healthy. 

Based on your pets lifestyle, we will recommend appropriate vaccinations and preventive healthcare treatments. How frequently you should have your pet vaccinated against certain diseases depends on many factors, so talk to our veterinary team members to understand what is recommended for your pet’s unique environment and lifestyle. Southern Hills offers a variety of Wellness Vaccine Packages for dogs and cats of all ages!

Check out our mini blog about how age plays a part in your pets wellness visits and see what our wellness plans include!