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Pain Management & Rehabilitation

For pets that have recently suffered an injury or undergone surgery, rehabilitation can help return them to normal, pain-free function. Just as with humans, it can take time for an animal companion’s bodies to heal. Professional rehabilitation can speed this process and help your pet experience a more comfortable existence. Southern Hills Animal Hospital offers comprehensive rehabilitation services to bring balance, health and wholeness back into your loved one’s life.

Our professional pet rehabilitation services are designed to decrease pain, improve mobility, enhance performance, increase strength and shorten the recovery process. Our expert staff is trained on a wide variety of techniques and can work with you to determine which method would work best for your pet’s unique needs. 

Rehab can produce benefits for a wide variety of ailments and conditions, such as:

  • Post-surgical recovery
  • Injury 
  • Weight control
  • Athletic conditioning 
  • Preventative joint care
  • Senior care
  • Physical deformity

If your pet is struggling with decreased mobility or pain, or recently suffered an injury or underwent surgery, professional rehabilitation may be the perfect solution to get them back on their feet again. Contact Southern Hills Animal Hospital today to find out if your pet could benefit from our rehab services.