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Signs Your Cat Needs Emergency Care
June 1, 2023

Unfortunately for our feline friends, that old adage about them having nine lives is just that: a myth. Kitties are actually quite small and vulnerable, and are susceptible to a variety of illnesses, injuries, and diseases. Fluffy can’t tell you if she isn’t feeling well, but she definitely does give off clues when something is off. A Vinton, VA veterinarian lists some warning signs to look for below.

Poor Appetite

Cats may be finicky at times, but that isn’t the same thing as being uninterested in food. If Fluffy just doesn’t care for what you put in her bowl, she should meow at you to complain and demand something different. A complete lack of interest is a sign that something is wrong.

Increased Thirst/Urination

Drinking more or less water than usual can be a sign of health issues, such as thyroid problems or diabetes. (Tip: one easy way to monitor this is to fill Fluffy’s bowl at the same time/s every day.)

Litterbox Woes

Keep an eye on what you find in the litterbox. If your kitty’s waste has a different smell, odor, or texture than usual, something is up.

Unusual Behavior

To be clear, we don’t mean that it’s necessarily a problem if your kitty is obsessed with your new shoes, or sometimes races from one room to another for no apparent reason. That’s all ‘purr’ for the course! What you want to look for are shifts in Fluffy’s usual appearance or demeanor. For instance, if your furball is usually friendly, but is suddenly hissing when you touch her, she may be sick.

Unkempt Fur

One good thing about our feline pals is the fact that they’re so clean. Fluffy will take time out of her busy napping schedule every day to clean her fur. If she isn’t feeling well, however, she may not be up to her usual routine. It won’t take long for her coat to show the neglect.


An occasional hairball is one thing, but frequent vomiting is another issue. Frothy and/or bloody vomit are definite red flags.

Respiratory Issues

Fluffy should breathe quietly, unless she’s meowing at you. Raspy, labored, or haggard breath are signs of trouble.

If your feline buddy shows any of the warning signs we’ve listed above, please contact us right away. As your Vinton, VA veterinarians, we are here to help.

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