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Is Fluffy Planning World Domination?
June 15, 2023

There’s a pretty important kitty holiday coming up: perhaps the most important one of all. Cat World Domination Day is the 24th. This sounds silly, but there may actually be some truth here. Is Fluffy plotting to take over the earth? What will happen if she does? A Vinton, VA veterinarian examines some of the evidence below.

Internet Takeover

Have you ever noticed that cats have a very, very strong internet presence? Fluffy has somehow managed to take over a rather impressive proportion of the worldwide web. That’s extra impressive, given the fact that she apparently did this by sleeping on her humans’ phones and computers.


Fluffy’s cute meows may not be as innocent as they seem. Scientists suspect that the reason kitties’ meows sound like the cries of human infants is no coincidence. Our furry friends may have started meowing specifically to give us commands. 


When it comes to evidence of cat world domination, one really doesn’t need to look any further than Egypt. The Sphinx was erected around 7000 B.C., and was obviously at least in part a tribute to our feline overlords. Egyptians also often mummified their beloved pets, and had a custom of shaving their eyebrows when a beloved feline companion passed.


Believe it or not, Fluffy has already dipped her toes—all 18 of them—into politics. Fluffy has been elected mayor of a small town in Alaska, a Michigan town, and also one in Italy. Hmm…

Show Of Force

Does your feline pal sometimes knock things off your table, pounce on your shoelaces, or ambush you from behind the couch? This may sound cute, but it’s entirely possible that your kitty is actually working on her combat skills.


Have you ever noticed your furry friend just lounging around, looking extremely smug and proud of herself? Fluffy may be practicing expressions and poses for official portraits … or rather, purrtraits.

Fluffy’s Plans

What happens if our furry buddies do take over? Probably not much. We wouldn’t expect Fluffy to really put much effort into running the world, as that would cut into her nap time. We would expect some changes, though, such as catnip parks and stocked fishponds in every yard.

Please contact us with questions or concerns about your feline overlord’s health or care. As your Vinton, VA animal hospital, we’re dedicated to providing great care!

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